Soul Bind is a rock band that hails from Raleigh NC and Manassas VA. Damon Paoli and Sam Look incorporate all elements across the spectrum of rock music. With influences from 70's progressive through 90's Alternative rock, Soul Bind's sound is unique yet familiar. Each song takes the listener on a journey and is intense, melodic and layered with emotion, reflection, intensity and passion.

Soul Bind is continuing to work on new music. Please enjoy the first singles and drop us an email at to let us know how we are doing!.

Latest News

Three New Singles!

Jun 17, 2020

What have we been doing during quarantine? Writing new songs of course!

Soul Bind has recently released three new singles! The first song is called "Enter the Stone" Enter the Stone is a song about addiction and has influences from Dream Theater and Alice N' Chains. This song is one of our heaviest originals yet!

Our second single is "Children of the Grave." Children of the Grave is a cover of a Black Sabbath song with a modern and heavy vibe.

Finally, our most recent single is "The Patriot." The Patriot is an anthem like song that was inspired by recent events. The divided nation we are living in needs a patriot to lead us beyond our wounds.

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I DIed Too Young

I Died Too Young is a song about demons. It makes bold statements about life and losing passion. When we are living in desperation it is best that we understand we should live.