Soul Bind

Soul Bind's passion is to write real, honest and raw rock music.

Soul Bind's influences stem from 70's progressive rock through 90's alternative rock with a mix of modern day production techniques.

Each song has different influences but will bring a familiar sound as well as honest and emotional lyrics.

Soul Bind hails from Raleigh NC and Manassas VA.

Thus far Soul Bind has been featured on several broadjam charts.

All My Heart has charted on the following top ten lists:

Song: All My Heart
United States - #1
North America - #1
Virginia - #1
Broadjam Earth - #2
Production - Male Vocals - #9
Production - Mid Tempo - #9
Rock - Modern - #1
Rock - #1

Additionally, "Skeletons" also peeked at #1 on the modern rock chart and currently resides on the following broadjam charts:

Song: Skeletons
Virginia - #4
Rock - Modern - #3

No One Left Behind peaked at #5 on the broadjam metal Top 10 chart and currently resides at #7 on the hard rock chart.

Soul Bind recently released two new singles called "I Died Too Young" and "All I've Ever Known."

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