Three New Singles!

Jun 17, 2020

What have we been doing during quarantine? Writing new songs of course!

Soul Bind has recently released three new singles! The first song is called "Enter the Stone" Enter the Stone is a song about addiction and has influences from Dream Theater and Alice N' Chains. This song is one of our heaviest originals yet!

Our second single is "Children of the Grave." Children of the Grave is a cover of a Black Sabbath song with a modern and heavy vibe.

Finally, our most recent single is "The Patriot." The Patriot is an anthem like song that was inspired by recent events. The divided nation we are living in needs a patriot to lead us beyond our wounds.

Standing Still

Sep 25, 2019

Check out our new song Standing Still on all streaming services and our new video on our video page!

All I've Ever Known Release

Mar 6, 2019

Hello all,

We have finalized our latest single entitled "All I've Ever Known." Please check it out under the songs section. New video coming soon!

Check out Soul Bind's latest track I Died Too Young!

Jan 31, 2019

I Died Too Young is the latest track released by Soul Bind. This is a song about life and death and the choices we all have to live our lives.

I Died Too Young simply asks us all to live.

Check out the song on our songs page or view our video on our videos page.